The Paper Tavern is the brainchild of Chris Charnecki and Ellie Petrinec, who wanted to create a space where they could showcase their love of books. Their Youtube series – Books & Booze (currently on hiatus) – was the catalyst that started it all, but they quickly expanded beyond that to this site so they could further establish themselves in the bookish community. The Paper Tavern is intended to be a hub for bookish content but Chris and Ellie hope to expand to include content about video games, TV shows, and movies as well.

Tavern Staff

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Chris enjoys nothing more than getting lost in the stories of books and video games. He is a Mathematics graduate and a working web designer and developer in Austin, TX. His favorite books are: Catch-22, the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and The Martian. He is always eagerly awaiting the next big book or game release and really needs to spend more time working. He reads across all genres looking for his next favorite book.


Ellie spends a vast majority of her time engrossed in fictional worlds and ignoring the mounting pile of coursework from her last semester at The University of Texas at Austin where she is studying to be an Electrical Engineer. Her favorite books are Pride & Prejudice, Good Omens, and A Darker Shade of Magic! When she’s not reading she also enjoys channeling her inner grandma by baking, embroidering, gardening, and knitting. She also enjoys falling for dark haired anime boys, or really any dark haired or morally grey character out there.

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