Posting Policy

Review Posting Policy

Review Posts will refer to posts that are critiquing a specific book or other Review Product.

Review Products can be provided by publishers, producers, or authors, and (in accordance to FTC guidelines) this fact must be disclosed within the Review Post. A provided Review Product does not guarantee that there will be a Review Post for it.

We at The Paper Tavern are committed to providing fair and honest reviews. All opinions provided in the Review Post will be truthful, however brief or long. We have the right to post negative opinions about a review product if we truthfully hold these opinions.

No company can provide additional compensation to ensure or change the content or publish date of a Review Post. No company can provide monetary compensation to ensure that a Review Post of their Review Product will be made. We reserve the right to not publish a Review Post even if we are provided a Review Product.

We will accept no compensation for a Review Post beyond being provided a copy of the Review Product to be critiqued.

We reserve the right to turn down any and all offers to review a Review Product, as well as turn down any offers for provided Review Products.